7th Grade Spanish

VoiceThread for 7th Grade Spanish


VoiceThread allows my Spanish students listening, reading, writing and speaking practice and opportunities to improve pronunciation, [and] it allows me to target any specific theme or skill. It is helpful for both the slower and quick learner as I can ask very closed or open-ended questions for students to respond to.

VoiceThread notes: This project shows how VoiceThread can be used for teaching and learning a second or foreign language. Students are introduced to vocabulary via images or text, and they engage in oral practice of the language. Images from textbooks can be used to illustrate the exercise while inspiring discussion around vocabulary topics. Students can show their speaking skills without feeling "on-the-spot" as they might in a class or group setting. This helps better engage learners who are not inclined to participate in class. The VoiceThread practice might even be used as a supplement or alternative to class-participation requirements. VoiceThread gives students more opportunity for more practice with speaking and writing, both candidly or by repetition, than class time will often allow. In effect, students gain a deeper and more sensory-integrated learning experience which may result in an increase in students' retention.

Benefits to students

Students can practice vocabulary orally on their own time and outside of the classroom where they may be less inclined to speak in the new language.

Students get excited about integrating technology into their learning experience.

Students take ownership over a project in which they participate using a new language.

Initiates visual as well as auditory learning for non-conventional learners.

Eve Millard