About China

Social Media Workshop at LARC July 29-August 2, 2013


Workshop Final Project from Josephine Auyeung


Background of the student body

            The school I teach is K-12 public school, located at St. Paul, Minnesota. The school is technology magnet school that every teacher is expected to use technology in instruction, projects and to live up to the school name. The language I teach is Chinese. Their age is between 13-17 year old. The proficiency level is beginner-low to intermediate-low. Most of the students are ELL student. They are lack of English skill that I use more visual aid than long sentence or unfamiliar English word. Most of the students either do not have computer at home or do not have internet connection at home. Most of the activity will be done at school, using school computer lab.  Since most of the Ell students have to take or retake tests, computer labs are not available for certain time on school calendar. Quite a lot of students I have are single parent family; in additional to student family background, motivation to learn is low as well.  The “interesting” and “visual” instructions are a “must”.

Lesson Plan is for Chinese 1 beginners

            This lesson is the year opener for the language learning. Students have one lesson on introduction on China, including an overview on location, important cities, culture and surrounding countries.

The standards are from ACTEL (5C’s)

The lesson goals are:           

1.     Students are able to use thinglink.com to explore the target language and culture    (Communication: listening, interpretation)

2.     Students are able to tag at least 3 things about China on the photo they chose  (Culture)

3.     Students are able to identify at least 3 cultural practices different/similar from theirs  (Comparison)

4.     Students are able to share what they have learned to their school community and their community outside school, such as their family and friends  (Community)

Lesson content

a.     A warm-up: Singing- Descendant of dragons http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igs788j02Os
b.     Instruction to accomplish the lesson goals (See the attachment of the power point)
c.     Students share what they have done to their buddies; then a rubric for peer review
d.     Students also take a online quiz on the topic
Reflection activity
            To eliminating the fear for most of the ELL students to complete the project, the instruction in power point and in video form are in weebly site for them to review.  The demo of the project is also in weebly site for students to view.
            Students share their learned information, knowledge and expression in target language with their school community, buddy in the class.  Extended activity is to share what they have learned with their “community”, family and friends outside school. This step is very important for students to experience the success of their work and celebrate their success with friends and family members.  It is also an important step to the English learners since they may not have technology proficiency to do project; and yet they have completed it with the new technology they do not know. Students take control of their learning by making their own decision of what photo to choose and what kinds of tag they want to share with their peer. It is the significant step to ensure them that they are able to accomplish the job. The peer review is another way to motivate students to learn and the sharing with their family is to affirm their own learning.
            In the website, weebly.com I have put in the power point instruction in motion using Knovio technology; I intended to show the students that that is the preview for them to use the technology in their language learning.

Josephine Auyeung