El Mercado de Cuernavaca: Las Verduras

“El Gusto y el Sabor de México”:  Comparative Markets  

 “El Gusto y el Sabor de México” is a cultural unit about Mexican food.   The lesson “Comparative Markets” is designed for all levels and all ages. Few foreign students come to Mexico with their computers, therefore no instructions are necessary for students to carry out this lesson with technology.  Thinglink and SoundCloud  will be used in a  presentation given by the instructor with one computer and a projector before going to the market. The language is Mexican Spanish and the content and presentation will be given entirely in the target language.

Learning outcomes

Using Spanish, the student will be able to:

  • name and describe foods  and products found in the market  (all levels)
  • ask prices (all levels)
  • compare markets in Mexico with markets in his or her own country (intermediate and advanced levels)
  • express opinions regarding advantages and disadvantages of shopping in traditional markets and modern supermarkets (intermediate and advanced levels)
  • demonstrate knowledge about the importance of markets in pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica and contemporary México (intermediate and advanced levels)

The image at Thinglink will be used for :

  • vocabulary expansion : names of food/products in Spanish
  • cultural awareness: the importance of the marketplace in Mexican communities  historically and in contemporary México (YouTube, Tianguis y Mercados en México)
  • history of the marketplace in Mesoamérica  (Wikipedia  in Spanish, “Tianguis”)

The sound files at Soundcloud will be used for:

  • Hearing the pronunciation of fruits and vegetables
  • Listening to typical dialogs between vendors and customers in the market

ThingLink Image
El Mercado de Cuernavaca: Las Verduras
Links within ThingLink image
Tianguis / mercado
Diario de Morelos Artículo por Fernando Torres Mena  “Me gusta el ALM porque me dan pilon”
QUESTIONS for all students after the visit:

  1. What kinds of food and products are found in the Cuernavaca market?
  2. What is your favorite section of this market? Least favorite?
  3. Where do you normally shop for food in your own country?

QUESTIONS for mid intermediate level to advanced students 

  1. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of shopping for food in a traditional Mexican market?
  2. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of shopping for food in a modern super market?
  3. If you lived in Mexico and had the choice, where would you shop on a weekly basis: the market or a supermarket?
  4. Explain the role of the marketplace in pre-Hispanic Mexico and its importance in contemporary Mexico.
Jeannie Andersen