Knovio for Japanese Language Students

This is a activity for the third-year Japanese language university students. Their proficiency level is Intermediate. The textbook used in this class is "Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese Learning through Content and Multimedia). Therefore, the goal of this activity is to be able to narrate and describe by combining and interweaving to relate relevant facts in connected, paragraph-length discourse, using conjugations appropriately based on the Advanced level of ACTFL OPI guidelines. This activity introduced here will be conducted when class is covering Chapter 8 "Japanese Traditional Performing Art." At the beginning of this chapter, students learn about Japanese traditional performing art, by reading the passage and listening to the dialogue.  If time permits, the students act out a scene of Kyogen (It is a form of traditional Japanese comic theater.) introduced in the textbook. After that, students practice telling a story using the example in the textbook "Little Red Riding Hood." In order to show the model of story telling "Little Red Riding Hood" to the students, I made the Knovio video ( At the end of the chapter, students create the Knovio videos and introduce stories chosen by themselves to their classmates. The students' videos are evaluated based on pronunciation, grammatical accuracy, fluency, appropriateness of using conjunctions.