My Dream Vacation-an ESL Writing/Oral Project




1) Pick a city or town you have always wanted to visit like Rome, Italy or Cancun, Mexico and plan week (6 night, 7-day) vacation to that one destination.

2)    Use books, travel brochures, Internet websites by going to the class wiki to find  links to helpful travel planning websites.

3)     Word process notes on your destination, and make sure to use your own words. Do not copy sentences from your source material. Of course you will use prices, and other details, like names of museums and restaurants as part of your report. You may want to keep a day-by-day journal of your vacation plans to help you organize.

4)    Include information about the following when preparing your notes:

a.     Flight plans, Train/Bus Information

b.     Hotels/bed and breakfasts/campsites

c.     Car Rental, if needed/Other transportation

d.     Geographical information: weather, location, time zone

e.     Sights to visit: museums, monuments, etc.

f.      Restaurants

g.     Other information such as parks, recreation, money exchange rate

5)    Write a word processed first draft of at least 350 words and turn into the class dropbox  by Thursday October 27_______________

6)    Make sure to use transition words to add details and examples on this first draft.  Have a good topic sentence, body (details) and conclusion.

7)    Get feedback on first your draft from two students I have assigned  to read it

Use our wh-question expansion method : Who? What? Where? When? How?. Write those questions on the two students’ Wallwisher pages. You will find their Wallwisher URL’s  on our class wiki.

8)    Go to a tutor in the Tutorial Center for at least a ten-minute session with your expanded first draft. Get the tutor’s signature at the bottom of your first draft.

9)    Write your second draft of between 400 and 500 words following our regular writing format and turn it in on Thursday November 3. Check rubric descriptors and make changes to your second draft before turning it in for grading.


Begins the week of November 17.

I. Step One: You will be making an oral report of between 5 and 6 minutes total.
 To prepare for your presentation, read your written report out loud at least four times. Decide what you think your listeners would like to hear about your destination.

II. Step Two: Think about an interesting introduction to your report. What is a good way

to attract your audience’s attention? With a statement, a question, a picture? Write an

outline with the following three parts:

1) Introduction: Give a quick overview of your vacation. Tell the name of your destination. Tell why you chose it. Make the audience interested in knowing more.

 2) Body: Focus on two or three most interesting details about this place. For example, talk about how you will get there, where you will stay and eat, and which sights you will visit. Be specific. You are required to use visuals such as a poster or photos to make this part more exciting to watch.  You may use PowerPoint, but it is not required. This part should be about 4-5 minutes long.

 3) Conclusion:  Tell the audience in less than 30 seconds what you have learned from doing this project and if you ever plan on visiting your location.

III. Step Three: Practice, practice, practice, Ask tutors about the pronunciation of difficult words.  Now record your presentation using Voice Thread and listen to it. Send me your VoiceThread no later than 2 days before your presentation. Practice in front of the mirror and give your presentation to family members and friends.

I will give you 5 extra points if you demonstrate a  creative use of GoogleMaps with comments, photos and/or video during your  oral presentation. Send me the URL to your Googlemaps to publish on the class wiki.

Look at the  oral presentation rubric before you give your presentation to see how the 50 points will  be assigned. Please ask me if you do not understand the three steps above. 

Gino Muzzatti