Twitter en español

@twitter_es San Francisco, CA
¡Bienvenidos a la cuenta oficial de Twitter en español! ¿Eres nuevo? Empieza aquí https://twitter.com/#!/welcome




The way I like to use this, and other target language (Spanish) Twitter users is to:

1) Create my own user account (in this case, @elprofecbown)

2) follow as many of the in-Spanish users as possible (or logical).  For example:

- @twitter_es

- @museodelprado

3) Have all my students in a given class follow me and each other, and the in-Spanish users that I am already following (which they can see once they follow me)


This way we all have, at least, a group of "authentic" Spanish users (and in some cases media outlets) that we are following concurrently, and that provide us with an ever-refreshing stream of new content and the opportunity to quickly and easily comment, reflect, share,etc. about the various items that appear there.  Great for 200 level classes and above, somewhat harder to manage for elementary levels.

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