Una cosa importante

This is an assignment I will do in the first week of an online AP Spanish class. It is designed so that the students can learn a bit about one another and to get them used to the idea of recording themselves for presentational speaking assignments.  You could do this with lower level students, but probably it will work best if the students are at least at the intermediate proficiency level. 
Directions for students:

  1. Take a photo of something that is important to you. 
  2. Upload your photo into Knovio.
  3. Make a recording in Spanish on Knovio where you:
  • ~briefly introduce yourself
  • ~explain how/why this thing is important to you
  • ~speak for at least 20 seconds

4.  To see how to use Knovio to complete this assignment:  http://www.screenr.com/WrAH