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Using WallWisher to stimulate writing in an intermediate adult ESOL class

This is a simulated lesson project for the LARC Social Media Workshop where I used wallwisher to have students communicate through writing and technology about the person who inspired them. ... read more

Persian (Farsi) Language Quiz

Persian Language Quiz - This website is a compilation of short word quizzes, each dedicated to a typical persian term or expression. Note from the author I often receive e-mails telling me that the sayings do not use proper written grammar.  All of these sayings are colloquial (slang) expressions.  I present these more of a way to help people get used to the Persian characters and to learn some interesting slang expressions. I am in no way attempting to present a formal class in Persian grammar.  For more resources for learning Persian on the Internet see the Persian Language Learning Site at For books on learning Persian, see the Arizona Persian bookstore in the Arizona Persian Book List.    ... read more