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DHpedia (Derechos Humanospedia, the wiki for human rights) - DHpedia is a collaborative encyclopedic project construction in Castilian to collect, share and structure information of all issues relating to human rights (national and international laws, organizations, biographies, characters, images, movies, videos, trivia, photos, events , relevant events, news, studies, books, reports,...). The ultimate goal of this space is provide structured information about human rights to internet users.   ... read more

LHS French Wiki

Loveland High School World Languages Practice Wikispace - Learners move to a higher level of proficiency in a language when they take time to practice, explore and learn on their own. This site is for the French language - more practice and exploring on your own in order to strengthen your skills and learn more about the countries where the language is spoken - required summer work for AP/IB students - required practice work for AP/IB/CU Gold students during the school year (CU Gold is available for French IV - Ms. Theisen and Spanish IV - Ms. Rojas-Rymes) ... read more